BUBBLES & BRUSHES - Eco Bamboo Hair Brush



Your Eco Bamboo Brush - Tangle-free hair never felt so good. Over two decades of hairstyling, I have discovered that when we look our best, we are empowered, strong, and confident. You could have selected any hairbrush today, but you chose this one. In doing so, you have chosen gorgeous, tangle-free hair, and sustainable, ethical, responsible beauty.

Your new hairbrush is made with non-damaging nylon and natural boar bristles which stimulates scalp circulation and distributes natural oils to enhance natural hair growth and softness. With this brush, you can expect smooth, healthy-looking hair with beautiful, luminous shine.

Product Details

  • Sustainable hairbrush made with degradable materials and minimal plastic
  • Wet & dry
  • Anti-static, reduce frizz
  • Super lightweight
  • Boar bristles to distribute natural oils through the hair and enhance shine.
  • Nylon pins to stimulate capillaries and increase blood flow to the scalp - reduce hair loss & promote hair growth.
  • Deep detangling - good for thick hair.
  • Gentle & prevent hair breakage - good for bleached / balayage hair.
  • Kids-friendly - No-more-tears technology 
  • Suitable for curly & straight hair, and all hair extensions 
  • Package size: 29(L) * 8.5(W) * 4.6(W)cm