GILBERT - XP300 Shoulder Pads (Junior)



If you are looking for shoulder pads built for children that offer padding to the essential parts, then the Gilbert Rugby XP300 is the ideal model. With 5 strategically placed pads covering the shoulders, biceps and sternum, the reasonably priced XP300 offers safety where your children need it most.

Gilbert has designed the XP300 Body Armour for junior players to act as a second skin that moves with the body and helps defend the key impact areas. The ergonomic panel construction provides EVA – Pro-XP padding to the shoulders as well as padding for other crucial areas.

The 3D moulded system provides the ultimate flexibility and coverage so the player’s movement is not impaired but performance is enhanced. Perspiration is inevitable on the field and therefore it is essential that players maintain comfort and are distraction-free at crucial moments. This is why the XP300 Body Armour is made with fast wickx dry fabric designed to accelerate the pull of moisture away from the skin’s surface keeping the body dry and eliminating the chill effect.

The sizes vary from Small Child up to Large Child before moving into Adult sizes, available in black/blue or black/red so club players can choose a variation that suits them. If you’re looking for a lightweight defence mechanism that ensures heavy impacts are absorbed and injuries minimised, that is perfect for junior rugby, then the XP300 Body Armour is the one for you.