SIGG - NAT Dino Glow Drinks Bottle - 0.4 Litre



The Nat kids water bottle from SIGG features state of the art engineering with a new pressure reflief valve and pre ventilation system. The integrated drinking straw gives you easy access to your drink without the need to tilt or lift your drinks bottle, the top of the Nat Horse bottle is leak proof even if you turn the bottle upside down.

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Extruded from a single piece of the highest grade aluminium, with no joins making it break proof & 100% leak proof
  • Drink safely and comfortably without blocking your field of view, as you no longer need to tip the bottle in front of your face when drinking
  • The flow rate can be adjusted as required. Quench your thirst at exactly your own speed
  • Also suitable for carbonated drinks, as a special pre-ventilation system reduces the pressure gently before you drink. No more overflowing fizzy drinks