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ULTRASPIRE - Lumen 600 Ultraviz Ansi


  • Description:
  • Ultra Spire (UltrAspire) Lumen 600 is ultra wide angle, the overwhelming amount of light brings you an advantage in the dark, Ultra Spire's first waist light. 
  • Using grade aluminum used for air craft, strongly water and dust, with a 3 year warranty leading to lights. 
  • It can be used in 4 modes of HI, MEDIUM, LOW, SOS. 
  • Size expansion / 1 sz 66 cm ~ 106 cm (adjustable) 
  • Weight: 261 g  
  • The light of the rumen is gathered in the center by wide-angle ambient light for a natural running experience. 
  • It is variable in the range of 180 ° in total of 90 ° up and down, making it possible to obtain optimum depth of light for roads and trails. 
  • The material of the belt is comfortable and breathable, adopting Ultra Spyer's unique large hole mesh material made of soft micro fiber polyester. 
  • The front of the lumen 600 can be replaced with the synaptic rear for a combination of hydration and light. 
  • The rear zipper pocket can store essential items of mobile phones and races.
  • Adopted a clear tempered glass as a lens, adopting an aircraft grade aluminum housing that can withstand water, dust, shocks. 
  • Easy operation of light: Pressing the once button turns on at high illuminance, press again, middle / low · SOS, and turn off. 
  • Also, if you press the button 4 seconds after pressing the button from any mode it will be turned off. 
  • Bright Elastic Binding for increased visibility and comfort. 
  • Quick release buckle with simple design and easy adjustment.