Escapade Sports has everything you need for Trail Running and Hiking

The basic idea of trail running is to run off-road. This can be anything from an unpaved path in the park to a long and steep hill trail. The focus can be to enjoy the outdoor experience of nature or to conquer challenging trails. Many trail enthusiasts find the combination of nature, adventure and exercise to be exhilarating, while some will even travel across continents to run new trails.

Trail running in Hong Kong is very diversified due to its great nature. The sport’s popularity has risen quickly in Hong Kong. There are many different trails from very easy to extremely challenging. Escapade Sports has stepped into this challenging sports section, to cater for the rising number of people who want and need good gear, and is proud to provide you with many of the best brands and products.

Get away from the stuffy city air and immerse yourself in nature through the picturesque hiking trails around Hong Kong!