HELIOS - The Helios Pickleball Paddles (Slate)



Power Up Your Play

Category: Recreational
Player Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Experience the radiance of THE HELIOS paddle. Our namesake paddle is crafted with a sleek Carbon Fiber surface and high-performance honeycomb core, combining durability with precision, and speed with control. Just like the Greek god Helios, it brings power and brilliance to every swing.

Each Helios paddle is accompanied by a lifelong warranty, showing our commitment to lifelong play.


Built to Last

Constructed with a robust carbon surface and PP honeycomb core for unparalleled durability, offering precise control.

Unmatched Speed

Experience lightning-fast swings with our lightweight design, enhancing the speed and accuracy of your play.

Secure Grip for Precision Hits

With advanced anti-slip grip technology, this paddle ensures a secure hold, preventing slips and ensuring accurate strikes.

Effortless Aesthetic

Our minimalist paddle empowers you to showcase your energy on the court as your biggest statement.


Surface: Carbon fiber

Core: Reactive PP Honeycomb

Core Thickness (mm): 13mm

Average Weight: 8oz

Paddle Length: 15.7 in

Paddle Width: 7.9 in

Grip Type: PU

Grip Length: 5.0in

Grip Circumference*: 4.3 in

Anti slippery protection: Yes

Anti sweat protection: Yes

USAPA Approved: Yes

* May vary with paddle