HELIOS - The Khione Pickleball Paddles (Noon)



Divine Adventure

Named after the Greek goddess of snow, the "KHIONE" series by Helios reflects the beauty of the Pacific Northwest’s snow-capped mountains. Each paddle features artwork reflecting the shifting light and shadows of these outdoor landscapes.

Designed with advanced materials for balance and responsiveness, the KHIONE series is perfect for players who value both artistry and performance, maintaining their connection to nature through play.


Natural Synergy

THE KHIONE’s versatility of form and function connects with your natural athletic style while also guiding you to enhanced play.

From Dusk to Dawn

Each colorway represents a different time of day, allowing you to choose a paddle that reflects your attitude on and off the court.

Lightweight Materials

We use the lightest weight and highest quality materials to ensure effortless precision for your play.

Superior Durability

The Khione features a sturdy fiberglass surface and reactive honeycomb core, ensuring durability that will inspire your stamina.


Surface: Fiberglass

Core: Reactive PP Honeycomb

Core Thickness (mm): 13mm

Average Weight: 8oz

Paddle Length: 15.7 in

Paddle Width: 7.9 in

Grip Type: PU

Grip Length: 5.0in

Grip Circumference*: 4.3 in

Anti slippery protection: Yes

Anti sweat protection: Yes

USAPA Approved: Yes

* May vary with paddle