Many big name sports brands hail from Europe or the United States and make decent running gear for cool, dry conditions. For us in tropical Hong Kong, however, not so great.

For six months a year, it averages 30C and 85% humidity here, so sweat just doesn't have that evaporative cooling effect. We need running gear that is crazy lightweight for minimal heat insulation, extra wicking and quick drying, plus super breathable for maximum air flow.

That's our goal here at T8: ultralight, supercool, chafe-free. Human ingenuity to help you beat the toughest conditions #mindovermountain. Here in Hong Kong, this means Category 8 Typhoons, but our T8 gear is also great for everyday casual wear.

* We call it #typhoonwear but obviously don't recommend that you go running in a T8. Keep it safe, team!