ADIDAS - V24 Carbon Stick (Black/Vista Grey)

36.5 L
37.5 L
38.5 L


This field hockey stick is designed for clean and powerful passing. It has a carbon shaft that's layered for stiffness to give you maximum hitting power. The mid-bow profile gives you a straight feeling for accuracy across the field. The 3D head shape lets you dribble in all directions. Powerful and precise passing Ball control Touch Compound on the face for increased grip, control, accuracy and ball contact FIH compliant This stick meets the standards for length, shape, dimension and other regulations set by the International Hockey Federation

  • New 3DHead shape for increased ball control, enhanced 3d skills and optimal power.
  • Carbonplate stiffening technology for better bonding and more integrated stiffness to increase hitting power.
  • TOUCH COMPOUND will support the contact patch with hook to ball and keeps it under control for better accuracy.
  • Adigrip: Grip tape combining traditional PU with Chamois-like touch.
  • Point of maximum bow from bottom: 300mm – Xtreme 24
  • 90% Carbon/10% Others
  • Colour:Blue/ White