BV SPORT - Men's Quad Shorts CSX Light



In its light version, the CSX quad short is designed with a thin and light technical thread, this design allows it to be 30% lighter than the classic CSX and to be ideal for sports practice in hot weather. Designed with variable stiffness mesh and targeted compression, it respects the anatomy and physiology of sportsmen and women, improves venous return, limits parasitic vibrations and oscillations, reduces the risk of aches and pains and lowers the fatigue threshold.

  • WIDE ELASTIC WAISTBAND - For fit and comfort
  • FLAT SEAMS - Prevent
  • VENTILATED AREA - Allow very effective ventilation and maximising breathability
  • VARIABLE TENSIONED MESH (BV SPORT PATENT) - Designed from mesh with variable rigidity (soft/semi-rigid/rigid). The targeted compression respects the anatomy and physiology of athletes, optimizes muscle support during each ground impact and significantly reduces parasitic vibrations and oscillations.