BV SPORT - Visor Evo (Unisex)



The sports visor Evo is suitable for all outdoor activities. Lightweight, comfortable and breathable, it protects the eyes and face from UV and excessive light. The rear elastic band allows adaptation to each morphology while keeping the visor well adjusted during sports efforts.

The BV SPORT visor Evo is designed specifically for outdoor sports, Light, breathable, and comfortable, it stands out above all for its wide visor that provides adequate protection for the eyes and face from UV rays or excessive light. The inner fabric on the forehead absorbs perspiration and thus avoids any discomfort during your training and competitions, while the elastic back allows you to have a visor that always fits well, adapts to all body types, and guarantees optimal fit during your sports sessions. This light and ventilated visor is the essential accessory to match your sports outfits for your trail running hiking cycling outdoor fitness sessions.