GILBERT - Falcon 200 Headguard



If you are looking for the best value-for-money rugby headguard available, then you've just found it. The Gilbert Falcon 200 Headguard comes packed with features and benefits, but with a very affordable price tag.

When you play rugby you want to focus solely on the game - not worry about your equipment. Built specifically for rugby, the Falcon 200 Headguard offers you complete confidence when you take to the field. 

The flexible 3D design and hex padding with hollowed-out ear sections allow strong defense so players have improved communication allowing you to focus on your performance. The expandable lace closure system and molded foam configuration allow for a flexible fit to provide comfort and stability for all head shapes and sizes.

In an intense game, rugby players’ body temperatures can surge and with added headwear, this could be uncomfortable and inhibit their top performance. The Falcon 200 tackles this with the inclusion of small holes located around the headguard to provide optimised ventilation to the head.

The Falcon 200 Headguard is available in sizes Small up to Extra Large and comes in a wide range of colors: black/green, black/silver,  and electric blue, suitable for everyone.

If you want to remove fear and come out on top, the Falcon 200 is the perfect fit.