EXCELLERATOR - Power band Latex

16 Kg
25 Kg
40 Kg
Power Band Natural Latex.Made in France with the finest raw materials.

Excellerator Powerband have a high power of distortion (approx.600%), ensure maximum strength, comfort and safety for users.

Excellerator Power bands are 208 cm length and 15 cm width, perfect for all fitness exercises and rehabilitation.

Lengths allow a greater range of motion - they can also double as exercises and your support capabilities (bench, Roman chair, a squat rack etc ..)

Power Band may also be used in explosive work or additional resistance to conventional fitness exercises which provides a static resistance.

Use: all strength sports, Fighting sports and martial arts, team sports requiring power and explosiveness.


  • Natural Latex. Made in France.
  • 208 cm length
  • Yellow: 3/16 KG
  • Red: 4/25 KG
  • Green: 20/40 KG