GILBERT - South Africa Replica Ball (Size 5)



Gilbert has designed a full range of International Replica Balls for a huge selection of countries across the globe.

Introducing the South Africa Replica Ball. This replica ball is modeled on the exact ball used in their international games and is an ideal way to support your country in the lead-up to the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Currently world champions at the 2019 Rugby World Cup and now the number one team in the world, rugby is a huge sport in South Africa and they have competed in the Rugby World Cup since it began. South Africa proudly won the competition twice, in 1995 when they hosted the event and defeated the All Blacks in what is one of the biggest moments in the country’s sporting history, and in 2007. South Africa is commonly known as the Springboks after the commonly known antelope found in the country and illustrated on their emblem.

The perfect memorabilia, the South Africa Replica Ball has been fitted with a synthetic latex bladder for excellent air retention. This guarantees the balls remain inflated for the maximum length of time whilst on display.

It is also the ideal present for the avid South Africa supporter with its standard grip and rubber compound surface making it great for backyard rugby practice ahead of training.

The South Africa Replica Ball is available in a size 5, midi, and mini, great for both adults and children to remember their favorite moments in their rugby history.  

Be the ultimate supporter and buy your South Africa Replica Ball now!