POWER BAR - Power Gel Original



The C2Max Dual Source Carb Mix in PowerBar® PowerGel™ Original Energy Gels is designed for rapid absorption and transport of energy to working muscles to help improve endurance performance.

Consume 1 to 4 PowerGel™ Original Energy Gel pouches with water per hour of training or racing.

Take into consideration that PowerGel™ Original Green Apple flavor contains 50mg of caffeine per pouch.


Consume 30-90 grams of C2Max Dual Source Carb Mix-containing products per hour of activity (1)

  • Target: Up to a 2-3 hrs session/race, 30-60g/hr
  • Target: For sessions/races longer than 2-3 hrs, 30-90g/hr
  • For best results, start consuming soon after starting exercise and then regularly throughout
  • Mix and match from the following C2Max Dual Source Carb Mix-containing products to hit your target hourly carb intake range – see note immediately below about caffeine-containing products
Product Grams of C2MAX Dual Source Carb Mix per pouch/serving
PowerGel™ Original Energy Gel 25g/pouch
PowerGel™ Hydro Liquid Energy Gel 25g/pouch
PowerGel™ Shots Gel Filled Energy Chews 48g/pouch
PowerBar® IsoActive 29g per 16oz serving


Target: Latest evidence-based guidelines suggest approximately 3 mg of caffeine per kg body weight for endurance performance improvement before or during endurance activities (2).

  • For a 50kg (110 lb) person, 150mg from all sources (food, beverage, etc.)
  • For a 75kg (165 lb) person, 225mg from all sources (food, beverage, etc.)
  • For a 100kg (220 lb) person, 300mg from all sources (food, beverage, etc.)
Product Mgs of Caffeine per pouch
PowerGel™ Green Apple Original Energy Gel 50mg/pouch
PowerGel™ Mojito Hydro Liquid Energy Gel 50mg/pouch
PowerGel™ Cola Shots Gel Filled Energy Chews 75mg/pouch


  • Practice and Train Your Gut
  • Always try first in training to see what works best for you
  • Recent research suggests you may be able to train yourself to consume more with practice (3)