TRIGGER POINT - Grid STK X Foam Roller (Black)



Excellent in relieving targeted minor aches and pains, Innovative designs include AcuGRIP handles that are ergonomically shaped, offering pressure in self-massage therapy, addressing problemed muscles.

GRID STK X foam roller, the world’s first handheld foam roller, uses a patent-pending GRID 3-dimensional surface, mirroring a massage therapist’s hands: low and flat like the palm, tubular like the fingers, and high & firm like the fingertips. The foam roller helps to release tight muscles and knots, improving mobility. The 3-dimensional surface is designed to channel blood and oxygen while rolling, improving circulation for faster muscles recovery. Extra-firm density “X” provides restorative treatments for intense aches, pains, addressing the toughest troubled spots of the body, ideal for individuals preferring extra firm compression. AcuGRIP handles are ergonomically shaped, grip muscles to apply pressure easily. Ideal for the upper and lower body including hamstrings, quads, tib anterior, and traps. Water-resistant and easy to clean. To be used while standing or seated.