ZOGGS - Short Blade Fins (Blue)



The Zoggs dual density Ultra Blue Fins are short-bladed swim fins that are primarily designed to aid you in training so to help improve your kick technique, ankle flexibility and increase your overall lower body strength and leg stamina.

Your feet are encased in a soft malleable material for extra comfort whilst the slim blade gives you a balanced and natural rhythmic kick so to propel you through the water quicker enabling you to swim faster over longer distances.

The fins can also reduce muscle fatigue in your calves as well as help you achieve a better body position whilst swimming so allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your swim techniques.


  • Lightweight and compact construction
  • Specifically designed blade for optimum propulsion and performance
  • Improves kick technique and ankle flexibility
  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue in your calves, which can lead to cramps
  • Soft malleable material encasing your feet for extra comfort
  • Enabling you to train faster and harder and for longer
  • Made from sustainable rubber (dual density)